Lake Viñuela and the white washed villages Alcaucín, Los Romanes and Canillas de Aceituno

Lake Viñuela and the mountain range Sierra Tejeda


Lake Viñuela is set in the stunning landscape of the Axarquia in Malaga province. Less than an hour's drive from Malaga Airport, La Viñuela is a very popular destination for those who hope to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Andalusia. It has also been chosen by many Spanish and foreigners alike to become their home, enjoying life in its beautiful surroundings. This idyllic spot attracts writers, artists, photographers and those who just take pleasure in the countryside in one of the best year-round climates in Europe.

Lake Viñuela is a man-made reservoir that not only provides much-needed water for the surrounding area but has also been instrumental in creating a picturesque landscape within an already glorious rural locale. Prior to the creation of the reservoir, extensive archaeological excavations were carried out, producing evidence of Neolithic and Roman settlements, demonstrating the longevity of this area's historic legacy. Today the area has become a favourite spot to get away from it all.

Due to the lake forming part of the local water supply, the only kind of boating activities permitted are those in non-motorized vessels. Here you can now rent kayaks and take sailing lessons with bilingual staff. Pretty beaches make this the ideal place for a family outing, away from the nearby busy coastline. The abundance of flora and fauna transforms this spot into a changing tapestry, depending on the season. Picnic areas have been set out, complete with barbeque facilities, giving the visitor the best views across the waters.
All of this is set against the majestic backdrop of the nearby mountains.
Mount Maroma measures 2,065 metres on its highest point. A great excursion when the weather allows it.

Named after the white village of the same name, the lake has become a focal point of the area. La Viñuela (Village) was named after the vines that still produce the local sweet wine. The village was a favourite stopping place for travellers on horseback when journeying between the coast and Granada during the 18th century, the famous wine being its main attraction.

The famous sweet wine of the region is excellent and somehow tastes even better when accompanied by the local food and in one of the traditional country inns. The Lake Viñuela area is famous for it's many good restaurants, bakeries and olive oil mills.
The famously healthy Mediterranean diet is based on fresh products and the traditionally produced olive oil. When you do have to leave this lovely area, make sure that you take some of the local olive oil home with you. Don't forget to spare some space for the honey and roasted almonds, figs dipped in chocolate, moscatel raisins, goat cheese and olives.

Art and Crafts
Handmade items crafted from esparto grass is a speciality of the whole Axarquia area. Baskets, mats and many other imaginative objects are traditionally fashioned as they have been for centuries.
Saddles, bridles and other leather items are also made in many of the villages, especially in Riogordo.
Every Tuesday in Trapiche, just before you enter the Lake Viñuela valley from Velez-Malaga,
there is a popular Farmers Market from 9 am to 1 pm.

Vélez-Málaga, Torre del Mar and Almayate


This area is surprisingly free from the maddening crowds of Costa del Sol!
Here you will find the most fantastic seafood, tapas of all kind and some gastrobars serving the most amazing dishes.

Vélez-Málaga is a very authentic spanish town with a long interesting history and friendly people. Visit the tourism office in by the town hall and you will get all information needed, and more! Surprisingly this rather big town has been "saved" from mass tourism, probably because it's situated about 4 km from the Mediterranean. It is a rather stylish town with an amazing coffee culture and good restaurants and will probably give you a pleasant surprise if you turn off from the motorway to Lake Viñuela as it doesn´t look too interesting from that side of the town! The prices are remarkably low for dining out or having some tapas in one of the many bars in Vélez-Málaga. Try La Sastreria, La Bohemia, El Convento, El Caserío de Las Monjas, Bar Rubio and Los Cunados, just to mention a few.
The town is very famous in Spain for its Easter Processions and the town is filled with tourists during the Easter week.
There is an Easter Museum in the old quarter of Vélez-Málaga to visit if you would like to get some more information.
The old parts of Vélez-Málaga are called "La Villa" and "La Gloria are situated just below the big fortress of Vélez-Málaga called "La Fortaleza". The massive walls from the 11th century are still protecting the area with the fortress just above, the area is very quant and definetely worth a visit if not just for the magnificent view but also for the narrow lanes and beautiful houses! As the moors have built this part of Vélez-Málaga, this was once the "Medina", the market place of Vélez-Málaga.

Torre del Mar
Torre del Mar is the coastal resort of Vélez-Málaga and has the longest beach promenade in Europe. It is filled with tapas bars and restaurants, many of them serving grilled sardines on skewers, probably the most traditional dish you can find in the Malaga province. Even the "Boquerones", the habitants of Malaga city, go to Torre del Mar to eat the sardines. The harbour of Torre del Mar, called Caleta de Vélez, is one of very few harbours that still exists on the Costa del Sol with fish auctions six days a week. There are also several boats that can take you out for great daytrips on the Mediterranean, lunch and activities included. Another nice event is the Thursday market, both in Velez Malaga and Torre del Mar, Thursdays from 9-13, In Velez-Malaga you will find it just on the parallell street to the road going from the the Viñuela area to the motorway between Málaga and Nerja. Have a look after the first roundabout from Lake Viñuela towards Torre del Mar. Turn off at the second roundabout and look for a parking going back north. In Torre del Mar you will find more leather and pottery, products more dedicated to tourism, less pots, pants and vegetables. The market in Torre del Mar is situated between Calle Princesa and Calle Tore Tore, towards the sea. There are several good restaurants in the area so why not have a "Menu del Dia" in Torre del Mar!

Almayate is situated about 3 km west of Torre del Mar. It is a village with a very privilaged location, just by the sea but still very unexploited. There are some beutiful chiringuitos just by the sea, try El Hornillero at beach El Hornillo for good food, music and friendly ambience in the palm tree covered hut, or continue a kilometre west to Bar Fransisca, serving the best pizzas in the area.
There is a calm, hippie feeling about these beaches around Almayate. Try them!

Málaga Airport is approximately 30 minutes drive away

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