FOR SALE • Ref: ADE 401 • Site with ruin and panorama view in centre of Alcaucín • Price 24,000 euros

The size of the site is 68 square metres and is surrounded on three sides by land that is owned by the council. There is good access to the site, one road though the village and one via a tarmac road around the village.

There is a panoramic view toward the south and west from the property. Just below it there is a restaurant and the village shop. Parking is available by the house.

For Sale
The site/ruin is located in the mountain village of Alcaucín, 22 km of good road north of the coastal A7 motorway. The property has the best location in the village with a panoramic view over Lake La Vinuela to the south and the mountains to the west. Just below the site, there are a number of tapas bars and restaurants and grocery shops. The site is 68 square metres in size and is surrounded on three sides by land owned by the council. There is good access to the site, with one road through the village and one via a tarmac road around the village. There is parking by the house. There is a plan available to build a small hotel/hostel and the house can have three and a half floors. The small council of Alcaucín welcomes investment in the village and the current owners will gladly assist you through the process from construction start to finished project

Please contact Carina Dahlgren and Jesper Jacobsen for more details if you are interested by phoning +34 651 83 86 35

The current owners have drawn up a plan to build a small hotel/hostel.

The house can have three and a half floors.

Alcaucin, one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia
Alcaucin is located in the northern area of the Axarquia region, between the Sierra de Tejeda mountains and Periana and with the spectacular Zafarraya pass behind it. The village inhabitants are called " alcaucine–os " and are nicknamed "Tiznaos". Alcaucin is a nature paradise and is located at the foot of the Sierra de Tejeda national park, where the highest peak, Maroma, stands at 2,605 metres. This is the highest mountain in Malaga province. The lowest point in the municipality is Puente Don Manuel at 200 metres above sea level. This environment is home to the richest areas of flora and fauna in Axarquia. The main vegetation is pine which in this case is Aleppo, but there are also popular, cedar, oak and cypress trees, as well as bushes such as vines, ivy, blackberry, etc. Herbs such as thyme, rosemary, wild lavender also grow here. At higher altitudes, the pines disappear to make way for other plants such as junipers, hawthorn and yew. The fauna consists for instance of mountain goats, weasels, lynx and badgers. There is also an abundance of nightingales, vultures and eagles here. The name Alcaucin has Arabic origins and comes from al-qawsayn (probably pronounced colloquially al-qaws_nt), which means "The two Arches". One theory is that the name arose due to the aqueduct that existed (and still exists) in the area. After an archeological excavation in 1983 in Zaffaraya Pass, the existence of Neanderthal remnants was established and during the Phoenician colonisation, the foundations to the Zalia fortress were built but it was the Arabs that built the current castle in 1485. There are still elements of Moorish architecture visible today, so when you enter the village you can see the low houses with whitewashed walls and winding narrow streets. The village centre is the San Sebastian square where the church and town hall are located.

Alcaucin is also famous for its tasty, cool mountain water that never stops flowing into the fountain in the middle of the village. The fantastic view from the village has also meant that many Northern Europeans have chosen Alcaucin as their holiday destination.

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Casa Tinto is a very tasteful decorated house for two near Alcaucin
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